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The L-Word is a monthly publication from Humboldt County, CA written by and for local lesbians highlighting local and international events and hot topics.

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Welcome to the L-Word online!


We're happy to have this space to share some of what we put in the paper plus things that we find out about too late to get them in. We update the site at least monthly, so when the L-word's paper publication comes out you should see some changes reflected here as well. And there are often changes in between when we find out about something exciting, so check back.

Our site holds a local calendar of intriguing events, archives of Kulture Klatch, Ruth's Review, and Montanna's spirituality column, and a summary of last month's Queer news, as well as local resources. If there's something else that you think is important to get up here, please, don't hesitate to contact us! We are always looking for the next best idea.

Our Pride Festival--What Now?

Community Discussions continue

The meetings to discuss what we, as a community, want to do after the dissolution of Humboldt Pride, Inc are continuing. We've set up some ground rules, talked about many things we'd liked to see, and shared some of our stories and our feelings. There have been a good diversity of folks involved, and we're talking about what we need to stay involved in the process. At the next meeting we're going to talk about two specific questions: Do we want to announce that we're going to organize a Pride Festival? and How will Leadership in this group work?
Meetings of this group will be approximatly every two weeks, alternating between Arcata and Eureka (though we might also go to CR). The next meeting is on Saturday December 4th, 2-4 pm, at the Multicultural Center at HSU.

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